News about medical marijuana in New Jersey continues to dominate headlines. The state received applications throughout August, and they will review them for the next two months. However, the 30, people with cannabis prescriptions do not need to wait until November 1 to take care of their needs.

There are currently six medical marijuana New Jersey dispensary locations, and all of them offer different products and services. State residents with authorization would benefit from knowing which of these alternative treatment centers ATCs are closest and what they can provide. Here is some information on the current medical marijuana dispensaries in New Jersey. Harmony Dispensary, located within walking distance of the Secaucus Junction rail station, is the newest medical marijuana dispensary in New Jersey.

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As required by state law, they not only provide cannabis to prescribed patients but grow the herbs themselves. Pediatric patients can even buy marijuana products from the dispensary for half their regular price. Greenleaf Compassion, located in Montclair, offers many services that differentiate it from its neighbor in Secaucus. While they do not pre-grind or pre-roll their products, they do provide grinders and rolling papers that patients can use at home.

The medical marijuana dispensaries in New Jersey all grow and provide a variety of strains. Breakwater Alternative Treatment Center is no exception, and the Cranbury-based dispensary cultivates 14 different kinds of cannabis. Each type has its own flavor and may have different effects, which in turn treat different symptoms. Some sharpen your focus such as S.

The Bruce Banner can help fight depression while the Kush VIII strain can combat insomnia, and both can be used to treat spasms and anxiety. Meanwhile, those who live closer to Woodbridge have access to 22 different strainsincluding several hybrids of two or more types.

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These profiles even state the best time of day to smoke or consume them: Death Star and Grape God are best suited for nighttime, while Bubble Gum and Flo can be morning pick-me-ups. They also promote their services with an emphasis on the patient.

You can find a Curaleaf dispensary in Bellmawr, but the company is actually a chain with more than 20 locations in nine other states. This wealth of experience secured them a permit to open one in the Garden State, where they have made a change in local medical cannabis law.

best nj dispensary

Until recently, the NJ Department of Health would not allow medical marijuana dispensaries in New Jersey to sell marijuana-infused vaporizer cartridges. It was a request from Curaleaf as well as Breakwater Treatment that changed their minds. As of this writing, Curaleaf is the only dispensary authorized to vend this kind of product. They also provide flowers, concentrates, and THC-infused lozenges.

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This information is not just intended to give a better idea of where to buy medical marijuana in New Jersey. It should also demonstrate the variety of approaches these dispensaries use, the diverse strains they sell, and the many symptoms they can treat.

Currently, 30, New Jersey residents are legally allowed to use cannabis for medicinal purposes. Each one of them has their own needs, as well as their own preferences. That is why they started accepting applications to give six more licenses for medical marijuana providers. They will certainly be giving out more in the future, and if you are interested, you need to be prepared in advance. T he Law Offices of James C.October Dispensaries are now permitted to post pricing information on social media and websites.

As this pricing becomes more readily available and as additional information about pricing is released, we will be updating our dispensary listings to ensure that you have the latest in cannabis news.

best nj dispensary

Back inNew Jersey was said to have the most uncompromising laws on medical marijuana among the 16 states that had legalized the medical use of the herb at the time. As such, not all individuals who want to make use of the herbal plant can get access to it.

To be able to use the cannabis plant, patients need to have a Medical Marijuana Card. Since the law prohibits individuals from cultivating their own marijuana, they must acquire the herb from alternative treatment centers that are approved by the state. We believe that many people have been misinformed about this medicine. It has been vilified over time, leading people to have a negative view of this medicine.

However, with the advent of MarijuanaDoctors. Given that MarijuanaDoctors. For the safety of all clients, MarijuanaDoctors. This eliminates frauds and those who may be unlicensed. Browse through our listings and find location information, operating hours, patient reviews, delivery info and other details for nearby providers today!

best nj dispensary

Marijuana Dispensaries in New Jersey October Dispensaries are now permitted to post pricing information on social media and websites. Enter MarijuanaDoctors. Our network helps physicians increase their patient base. Doctors get instant access to necessary, state-specific tools that are critical in helping patients get the medicine they need. We help physicians foster a strong online presence by default, due to our solid digital footprint secured by strong, SEO-driven online marketing and advertising strategies.

Some additional benefits for patients include: Online appointment booking HIPAA-compliant practices to keep patient records safe and secure Access to an extensive database full of all things cannabis.

This database has information on the most recent medical marijuana information, state laws on marijuana and what it takes to qualify for a medical marijuana card. Get Connected Today! Doctors Near You Please allow us to access to your location to find local doctors. Dispensaries Near You Please allow us to access to your location to find local dispensaries. Write a Review close. Submit Review. As Seen On:.Our fourth location in Pottstown, PA is opening soon!

Restore is committed to dispensing medical marijuana in the most responsible and compassionate means possible. We strive to be the industry leader in servicing and educating our patients, caregivers, and the community at large. Click here to learn more about Restore.

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To our valued patients: Due to recent clarifications by the Department of Health, only certified patients and caregivers with valid medical marijuana cards will be allowed to enter the facility. Visitors will no longer be granted access. The minor will not be considered a visitor and does not need to obtain a visitor badge. Serving our patients and maintaining their well-being remains our primary mission, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Thank you for your cooperation.

New Jersey Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

CanPay is an app that allows medical marijuana patients to make debit purchases in Restore with no convenience fees. Any and all guests must also present a valid card before they will be admitted into the dispensary.

You must have one of the 23 serious medical conditions to qualify for a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania. If you have one of the conditions, your doctor who must be registered with the Department of Health will provide you with a recommendation and submit a patient certification form.

After your doctor has submitted your certification form, you will return to the Patient and Caregiver Register to complete your application. Click on the button for a complete list of conditions to see if you will qualify for a medical marijuana card! Studies have shown that medical marijuana may help patients who suffer from certain serious medical conditions by relieving pain and improving quality of life. Pennsylvania residents with serious medical conditions may receive medical marijuana as a treatment in the following forms: pill, oil, topical forms, tincture, and liquid.

THC activates a receptor in your brain that responds to pain. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that may be used to reduce pain and inflammation. To learn more about the uses, benefits, and effects of medical marijuana, visit our Marijuana Classroom. Restore 2nd Annual March Madness Bracket. Championship round voting is now open! New discounts are now available. Please check our menu pages for details. We are excited to announce that we have been awarded a second medical marijuana dispensary license.

Restore Doylestown is now open! It is easy to use and set up, and you won't have to remember to bring cash every visit. Visit this link to start the CanPay Debit account application. Click here to download the CanPay app on your phone. Visit Restore with the CanPay app on your phone for easy checkouts! To qualify for a medical marijuana card, you must:. Click the button below to start the patient registration process!Although medicinal marijuana has been legal in New Jersey for what is approaching a decade now, there are only a handful of dispensaries scattered around the state.

Top notch customer service with a commitment to providing unrivaled patient educationlow prices, great specials, a comfortable environment, and expansive selection of quality strains all make this a popular choice. Dedicated to patient education, knowledgeable and approachable staff, professional atmosphere, and a great menu have earned this dispensary high marks.

A dispensary that is known for its friendly service, quality products, and convenience in terms of location, parking, and wait times. Customers have praised its considerate staff, stress free intake process, quality strains, and all around comfortable atmosphere. Reviewers have commented on its friendly, helpful service, low wait times, safe and comfortable environment, and commitment to providing quality patient care. There are so many strains of marijuana available it can be nearly impossible to figure out which one is right for you.

And sure, a knowledgeable budtender could point you in the right direction, but we think we've figured out a better method for choosing a marijuana strain. Take our quiz below to find out which cannabis strain is your true soulmate.

THC,CBD,CBG,Concentrates and Edibles Products

Joseph Misulonas. Melissa Sherrard. Eddie DaRoza. Sign up for our newsletter Subscribe. Contact Us. Can we see some ID please? You must be 19 years of age or older to enter.

Please enter your date of birth. Remember me for 30 days.We will be seeing patients with EVEN numbered IDs today, April 14, Patients please note: During this time of heightened precaution we are able to see a limited number of patients each day.

Because of high volume it is possible that we will stop accepting patients for the day shortly after opening. Have your order prepared and cash ready when you arrive. If the wait time exceeds the dispensary hours, we will stop seeing patients.

Check back soon for information regarding when we will be taking new patient appointments again. Breakwater brings science and technology to bear on the cultivation and refinement of beneficial cannabis strains.

Monday: ampm Tuesday: ampm Wednesday: ampm Thursday: ampm Friday: ampm Saturday: Closed Sunday: Closed. Breakwater Alternative Treatment Center is a state licensed medical marijuana dispensary and growing facility located just a mile off the New Jersey Turnpike at exit 8A. Our facility uses scientific growing and culturing techniques to grow strains designed to treat your specific medical symptoms. We concentrate on quality production by carefully controlling conditions to make sure our product reaches you in pure and unadulterated form.

The use of cannabis to treat medical conditions dates back thousands of years. It has long been known to be effective in treating pain, reducing nausea and controlling muscle spasms, among other indications.

The best way to determine whether you may benefit from the prescribed use of cannabis is to consult with your primary care physician. If it's decided that medical cannabis may be beneficial for your condition, he or she may refer you to a doctor enrolled in the New Jersey medical cannabis program so you can begin obtaining the medicine you need.

Anyone with an interest in current affairs knows that the social norms and political climate relating to cannabis use are changing. Where once it was seen exclusively as a recreational-and illegal-intoxicant, more and more policy makers and medical professionals are expanding their views to embrace the possibility that cannabis might be a valid treatment option for certain conditions.

Witness recent comments made by the U. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthywho states in part: "We have preliminary data showing that for certain medical conditions and symptoms that cannabis can be helpful, so I think we have to use that data to drive policy making and I'm very interested to see where that data takes us.

Our mission at Breakwater Alternative Treatment Center is to serve the needs of those individuals admitted to the program, by growing the most effective product for their needs and dispensing it in the form prescribed. To find out more about Breakwater Alternative Treatment Center, call We also encourage you to review the other pages of this website for additional details.

Follow Us x. Follow Us. Follow Us a Menu. Our Facility. Learn more about our state licensed, state-of-the-art growing and processing facility. Learn More. Facts About Cannabis.

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Approved Doctors. View a list of physicians who can certify your eligibility to obtain medical cannabis. Providing compassionate alternative treatment options for patients in need.

High Tech Grow Lab. Hours Of Operation:. Benefits of Prescribed Cannabis Use.Where to buy marijuana? Nothing on this website should be considered legal advice or as a substitute for legal advice. Please respect the marijuana laws. Please read our full disclaimer here.

Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Advertise with PotGuide Login Sign up. Toggle navigation. New Jersey Marijuana Dispensaries.

best nj dispensary

Browse marijuana stores using the maps below or:. Medical cannabis dispensaries have been open to qualified patients in New Jersey since December of Since then, the state has been making significant process and recently doubled the amount of medical marijuana dispensaries allowed to operate in the state.

Browse every dispensary in New Jersey below to find the right cannabis products for you. Find Nearby. Atlantic City. Egg Harbor Twp. Recent Blog Entries. View All Articles. Luxury Dabber Tool Keefer. View All Reviews. NectarBee NectarBee is a line of premium View All Brands.

Deluxe Leaf Deluxe Leaf began our journeyThe 6,square-foot Curaleaf dispensary opened this month in an industrial park in Camden County, about 10 miles south of Philadelphia. The new facility is designed to handle 1, patients a day, said Jordan Isenstadt, a spokesman for PalliaTech, the company that owns Curaleaf. PalliaTech operates dispensaries and cultivation centers in 11 states across the country and is planning to open a Curaleaf dispensary in Pennsylvania this fall.

In New Jersey, Curaleaf has the distinction of being the busiest among the state's five medical marijuana dispensaries and it offers the most cannabis strains, according to a report issued by the state Department of Health this week.

Get the news you need to start your day. The state's three other dispensaries also had fewer patients and less business than Curaleaf, with the second most popular facility, Garden State Dispensary, in Woodbridge, trailing by more than 2, clients. Curaleaf is the first of several new dispensary locations that are expected to open as a result of Gov. Murphy's medical marijuana expansion plans.

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Murphy, a Democrat who was elected in November on a cannabis friendly platform, opened up the medical program to more patients by adding chronic pain and anxiety to the list of qualifying ailments in March. Soon after, the Health Department reported that new patients were signing up each day, on average.

Currently, there are about 21, registered patients, including 5, who enrolled just this year. He declined further comment. The new facility is located in a reconstructed factory that previously produced precision metals. A dozen patients sat in the modern, spacious waiting room on Wednesday afternoon as several employees checked records and ushered the patients into consultation rooms in the back.

It's fantastic," said Keith Chase, 62, a patient who visited the facility that day.

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They just need more product. As the patient numbers increase and the demand for certain strains peaks, patients have complained recently of shortages in popular strains that have brought them relief from their ailments. Mark Ebert, 58, of Turnersville, said his favorite strain, Girl Scout Cookies, eases the anxiety he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, but the dispensary often runs out of it.

The influx of new patients have also created lines that sometimes caused waits that lasted one hour and 10 minutes, he said.

Earlier this month, a week before the new dispensary opened, he said he waited 40 minutes to get in the door. Ebert said he sees improvement with the new facility and the new parking lot and hopes that the old lines don't reappear. Schidlovsky said Curaleaf New Jersey employs 60 people and is expanding its cultivation area across the street by 16, square feet. The facility also manufactures cannabis lozenges, oils, and topical creams. Though Gov. Murphy has said he would support a bill legalizing marijuana for adult recreational use, no such bill has come up for a vote in the legislature.

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