When your car begins to make odd sounds or you can tell something is wrong, it can be tricky to narrow down the culprit. Is there a problem inside the engine? Is it a simple matter of low oil? Is it time for a tune-up? There can be a variety of causes for car trouble, but we developed a guide to help you investigate a timing chain problem.

At Burdi Motorworks, we have the experience and knowledge to determine if your Mercedes-Benz has a bad timing chain, taking the guesswork out of the equation. A timing chain is an integral component of an engine, and without it, your Mercedes would be useless. In general, it comes down to the mechanics of engine timing. Within the four-stroke arrangement, the camshaft spins once while the crankshaft rotates twice. As for the timing chain, it allows the camshaft, balance shaft, and crankshaft to rotate in synchronization.

The crankshaft controls the position of the pistons, causing the shaft to rotate, while the camshaft controls the intake and exhaust valves.

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The valves allow air and fuel into the engine and help emit exhausts at the same time. Timing chains, therefore, control the drive of the camshaft and maintain the precise timing of the valves. They keep the bottom engine components in synchronization with those in the top half. A timing chain contains a series of links, similar to a bicycle chain. The links run on toothed sprockets gears that are on the ends of the crankshaft, camshafts, and additionally the balance shaft.

After several thousand miles it is not uncommon for a timing chain to stretch. This can cause a check engine light to appear, poor engine performance, or an unusual sound coming from your engine. Then, a timing chain tensioner does as you may think — keeps the chain under the correct tension. Generally a spring loaded mechanism operates the tensioner. And to keep the engine timing chain from vibrating, rails, and chain guides help keep it quiet.

How a Mercedes timing chain works relates to the performance level of the motor. Most higher-displacement engines have a timing chain. The chain, mostly located in front of the motor, attaches to gears and pulleys that power several mechanical components. It must rotate around the gears of the crankshaft and camshaft without restriction to start the vehicle.

To create a smooth start, the chain requires proper lubrication from the engine oil. That is why it is very important to always perform service on time. Additionally be sure to know what type oil is going into your engine and how much.

How much does a Mercedes-Benz C-Class timing chain replacement cost?

Too many oil lube express facilities use low cost engine oil, economy oil filters, and sometimes do not add the correct amount when changing engine oil. Mix that with a few times going over the mileage due and you have made a perfect environment for a timing chain failure.

Like all vehicle components, timing chains are subject to typical wear and tear.Seven problems related to timing tensioner have been reported for the Mercedes Benz C The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the Mercedes Benz C based on all problems reported for the C This is a highly risk and safety matter that needs to be addressed by Mercedes Benz as recall.

Being newer model cars, the timing chain and camshaft adjusters should not fail. Not even at k miles.

mercedes c250 timing chain replacement cost

Why is mercedes not owning up to these factory faults? Can you imagine for those who have babies and drive these vehicles.

Why is a hugecompany like mercedes not owning up to these defects? Even if you have warranty they still hesitate on getting this repair done. I just want to be heard because being one of the many reports with this issue on these vehicles, it's concerning to see many of these vehicles still out on the road.

mercedes c250 timing chain replacement cost

When these parts have are failing, you will get a check engine light that reads "p" camshaft position sensor bank 1 electrical failure" after getting diagnosed by many shops, and even Mercedes Benz dealer all the test say the wiring and everything else is ok. But why on such a newer car? This should not be a issue. Engine when start up will rattle.

mercedes c250 timing chain replacement cost

It will sound like engine is falling apart. Plus car will run really rough. My C has only 62, miles. Only 2 days after I fixed the problem, the engine intake and exhaust cam shaft adjusters, timing chain tensioner broke. How can a vehicle that has only 62, miles have all those major mechanical problems? I know I purchased a lemon. I called and talked to benz customer service rep in new york area. Originally he told me that he sure made it sound like they benz will pay for a big chunk of total repair bill.

And promised to me that he will get back to me with an answer within few days. I called him many times and my wife called him as well. Never a reply for over a month. Out of frustration, I tried to find his supervisor. He blame me for not taking my benz to for all mechanical issues during possession of my vehicle.

So I told him. Benz salesman never mentioned that to me. If in fact, I had to take my vehicle to benz dealership for any repairs to get better service discount, I would have taken it to benz dealership.

They never mention no such thing, and now making excuse to blame me for them selling me a lemon. I am so disappointed by quality and customer service of Mercedes Benz company.

The contact owns a mercedes-benz C When starting the vehicle, there was a grinding noise coming from the engine and the check engine warning indicator illuminated.Log in or Sign up. Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Hi guys How much should I expect to pay for the timing chain and sprockets replaced on a E classic with the om Engine?

How much does a Mercedes-Benz C-Class timing chain replacement cost?

I believe I can hear a rattle for a couple of seconds on cold start ups I think the tensioner has gone AGAIN this will be the second time last time was done with warranty by MB and has only lasted 20k the rattle stops after about seconds Anyone have an idea what I can expect to pay assuming indie prices? Messages: 4, Likes Received: 1, Joined: Jan 2, Location: gainsboroughlincolnshire Your Mercedes: Mercedes Cl, land rover discovery 3insignia vxrshitron dispatch. Take back you have a two year warranty.

FrontstepJan 18, My X Trail's timing chain is fine at k miles, my Dad's at 90k and my brother's at k. Something sounds suss. If the job was done under warranty the last time, then the warranty repair has failed, so unless MB do not guarantee their warranty repairs, I'd strongly suggest you take this tack with them first. CraiglxviiiJan 19, Just checked the history it's only done 11k since the tensioner was changed!

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Pay upfront and online using your credit card or PayPal 2. Create an Afterpay account that allows you to pay now and make four, fortnightly interest-free payments 3. Cancellation fees apply.The engine in your Mercedes-Benz works with precision to produce smooth and efficient operation.

As any car lover knows, the key to this is engine timing. If engine timing is off, you may experience a loss of power, reduced fuel efficiency and even complete engine failure. Central to maintaining this specific timing in your engine, is a timing chain or belt.

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The timing chain is a strong chain that loops around the gear wheel in the camshaft and crankshaft to maintain the synchronicity of the valves and pistons respectively. Engines designed with timing chains instead of the more common timing belt generally enjoy greater durability and strength.

Additionally, timing systems that use chains can go much longer without replacement.

Symptoms of a Failing Mercedes Timing Chain

Just like any other part in your engine, timing chains may fail and require a Mercedes-Benz service. Today, we explain the most common causes of timing chain failure in your Mercedes-Benz, how it can be fixed, and most importantly, how calling Ammstar for Mercedes service in Melbourne can prevent it from happening in the first place. While not all vehicles use timing chains, most Mercedes-Benz vehicles especially those powered by higher-displacement engines such as the C-Class do. In our opinion, the reason Mercedes-Benz vehicles utilise timing chains is simple: they are considerably more durable than timing belts, and therefore better suited for the more powerful engines typical of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Timing chains and belts perform hundreds of circuits, even during a short drive. The belt or chain will interact with various tensioners, pulleys as well as the hydraulic gears in both the cam and crankshaft. This can generate a lot of friction and puts the timing chain or belt under considerable pressure. A metal timing chain is inherently more durable and more resistant to the heat and friction generated by your engine, especially the powerful ones found in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

It will stand up to these pressures without wearing down like a rubber belt might. By contrast, rubber belts can warp, or become brittle with the prolonged friction and heat.

Timing belts will slowly degrade necessitating periodic replacement — by contrast a timing chain can theoretically go the entire life of your car without replacement. Instead, they assume that the chain will last the lifetime of the car, and exclude it from routine services altogether. The teeth offer a more aggressive fit with sprockets that turn the camshaft and crankshaft, reducing the chance of the chain coming loose. Furthermore, this also makes the timing chains in these engines even less prone to wear-and-tear.

Every since around the s, most manufacturers made the switch from timing chains to timing belts. While the main reason was to save money rubber belts are considerably cheaper, even with periodic replacementanother reason was noise. Since then, however, new developments mean that modern engines with timing chains are able to bring the volume down to the point where noise is no longer a major consideration in deciding between timing chains and timing belts.

Some may also argue that a belt is lighter than a chain and therefore, the engine will be more free flowing resulting in faster acceleration. In these cases, we suggest talking to a Mercedes-Benz mechanic to get the problem inspected.

An example of the updated timing chains used in an M CGI engine, with the more aggressive toothed design. This example came loose as a result of a tensioner problem, which we were able to fix for the grateful owner! The Mercedes-Benz M is a petrol-powered engine manufactured between and in a range of variants.

Over its year production run, M variants can be found in a range of Mercedes-Benz vehicles:. In particular, Kompressor and CGI engines are particularly prone to timing chain failure. Today, we will discuss what causes timing chain problems in both of these engines, as well as the most common timing problems. M Kompressor motors are somewhat infamous for using roller chains that are more prone to stretching.

As the chain runs around the gears of the camshafts and crankshaft, the movement between the rollers and links ever so slightly wears down the pins and holes that the links pass through. This in turn causes each link to move slightly further apart, elongating the chain and creating slack.

This can result in engine timing failure, which in turn may result in piston failure and the associated loss of performance and potential engine damage! This has the consequence of throwing your engine out of sync which, as we all know, can cause major engine problems. With the timing now out of sync, valves and pistons would find themselves colliding, in turn causing piston failure and necessitating significant repairs for your Mercedes-Benz.Conn Law, PC is investigating potential lawsuits against Mercedes-Benz after some drivers have reported major engine issues with their to Mercedes-Benz C vehicles equipped with 1.

Drivers have complained that shortly after the warranty ends, their vehicles will begin to have trouble starting, have a rough start, and a check engine light will come on. The position sensor for the intake camshaft cylinder bank 1 has an electrical fault.

The signal comparison is faulty. Many mechanics recommend replacing both camshaft adjusters at the same time in order to save on labor costs since the other adjusters will inevitably need to be replaced eventually. A camshaft adjuster on a vehicle should not fail, yet on the Cs they seem to fail almost on the dot at every 50, miles. Some consumers have had to have the camshaft adjusters replaced more than once within the firstmiles.

If the consumer does nothing, the issue only gets worse and the car chokes, hesitates, has a long crank, takes longer to start and can take multiple clicks to turn over. This is because the vehicle reads a fault when sensing the intake variable camshaft that the intake camshaft positioner is fault and the vehicle will not start.

When the car eventually starts, the engine will rattle, may make a grinding noise or knocking sound, and the check engine light may remain on.

Some drivers have complained that their car starts to go into limp mode. The vehicle may stall or stutter and drivers will have trouble accelerating after coming to a stop. If you have experienced this issue or have had to have your camshaft adjuster replaced, please contact us. You can call us at or fill out the form below. Skip to content. Has Your Camshaft Adjuster Failed? Contact us for a free consultation.

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Replacing Timing Chain Tensioner on 2009 - 2014 Mercedes-Benz C300 and C350 (W204)

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